Water Pollution

You Skin Is The 7th Organ

Even if  you don’t drink tap water, that doesn’t mean you’ll be safe from contaminated water. Your skin is the 7th organ.




You use water to take showers, baths. You use water to clean your dishes, pots, pans, glasses. You use water to wash your clothes.

These are all the ways contaminated water can affect your body even if you are not drinking it.

How to solve this problem.

Well, you can try a whole house reverse osmosis system which can be pretty expensive.

You can try shower filters but there is no reverse osmosis shower filter on the market, nobody makes it, it doesn’t exist.

You’ll have to educate yourself on water purification and the contaminants in it and build yourself a custom water purification system.



What Drugs Might A GE MWF Water Filter Remove From Your Water?



One filter can’t remove all the contaminants



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Drugs in Drinking Water – What you can do

You’ll have to educate yourself so you can build a custom water filtration system that’s right for you and your family.

The Complicated Question of Drugs in the Water



Depending on where you live, you’ll also need a water softener system too and in some areas that’s against the law, so be sure to check laws and ordinances before you make your final decision, otherwise it could end up costing you a lotta money like thousands, 10’s of thousands.




How To Reduce Pharmaceuticals In Your Drinking Water


Your Tap Water Likely Contains at Least 8 Drugs


In the above article they talk about a new filter they invented COF for short. It stands for covalent organic framework, that would be the keyword you search on as part of your research. You have to do your due diligence and really educate yourself, if you don’t, it’s possible you’ll purchase water filters that don’t do what they promote, what they market and that could be detrimental to your health long term.

In this journey of education and finding out what’s the best thing for you and your family, don’t forget to ask questions.

In the above article, “A COF filter removed organic dyes from water” ok, how about non organic dyes in the water?  It didn’t talk about that nor removing drugs from the water that are not water soluble including chemical castration drugs.  It just said “A new filter membrane based on a covalent organic framework (COF) could help clean up drug-laden wastewater”  The keyword is “could” meaning it’s a possibility but they don’t know currently, maybe after millions of dollars in funding and trial and errors in about 10 or so years, they find out, either it will or it won’t.  

But this doesn’t help you and your family now.  Your best bet is educate yourself to solve this problem for yourself or you can wait until the local, state and federal government solve it, which maybe 10 or 20 years from now, maybe longer.