Fracking, Red Tide, Water Pollution

The Red Tide In Florida and Texas – How It Affects You, Long Term Even If You Don’t Live There



How Volcanos Will Start Erupting In Present Time

There is volcanos in the  ocean in Texas and Florida where you have the “red tide”.  Red tide is caused by harmful algal bloom.

I believe the underground volcanos in the ocean in Texas and Florida that are going off are causing it.,_Texas)

My guess is, they are active but nobody knows they’re active and the magma which contains the nutrients to create harmful algal bloom is going into the ocean and creating it.

Scientists will have to figure out a way to handle it and restore the ocean.

If Fracking is causing the red tide in Florida and Texas, then logic would dictate stop the fracking in these two states and the Red Tide will disappear, clear up, but they won’t:

1st, the laws on the books in regards to Fracking:

In Texas it’s actually illegal to ban fracking.

2nd, before any politician locally does anything to ban fracking if it’s causing the “Red Tide” you need scientific real hard proof evidence and if any politician’s are being paid off by the fracking companies, even the hard core evidence, they’ll ignore.

So this run way is very long to stop, in the meantime the red tide will grow and continue to kill fish and all animals in the ocean that comes in contact with it.  Which I believe is biblical, when all fish in the sea are gone.

This is a long run way and at the core might be corruption and abuse tied to fracking companies, directly and/or indirectly.

This is about a 10-20 year run way, by the time it’s handled, it will be too late and there will be more damages long term to the environment, food shortages, loss of tourism ie economical, rise of food costs due to the food shortages, disease, medical treatment, animals and humans coming in contact with the Red Tide, even low levels, how does that affect the human body long term?  It’s not known yet.

The conditions of existence from my religion Scientology

It’s a state of emergency, then it will go into a state of danger and then non existence, by then, all sea life in that area will be gone.

Please read Survival News on the right hand side to educate, hat yourself, your family members and friends.  This problem is not something that can be handled in 5 mins and even if you don’t live in Texas or Florida, the Red Tide could affect food prices and cause food shortages in your area.  Learning how to grow your own food legally costs time and money, so invest your time and money wisely.