Water Pollution

Not All Chemical Castration Drugs Are Water Soluble

Just like all the other drugs produced by big pharma, not all chemical castration drugs are water soluble. There’s currently over 200 chemical castration drugs and not all 200 are water soluble. I don’t know which ones aren’t nor which ones are and neither do the people using them, injecting them into the inmates as well as the people ordering them from big pharma nor the people that approve their yearly budget for how much to order. 

The odds are really high that at least 10% of chemical castration drugs are not water soluble, it could be more but I’m being conservative in this estimate.

So those drugs will end up making it into our water supply including rivers and lakes just like all the other drugs and it will impact animals long term, they will stop procreating and die of old age. So what you’ll see is animals going extinct. You’ll also see food shortages meaning no food cause it would affect animals on farms too, cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, goats, sheep etc etc and also vegetables and fruit, you need water for farming and farmers might not be aware of how most cities have stopped building prisons, how they have an overcrowding of their prisons and instead of housing inmates are using chemical castration to solve their overcrowding of prisons problem.


So while they use chemical castration to solve their problems in the prison sector, they’re not aware of the long term problems they’re causing in the farming and food sector, mostly cause they’re not informed, they have no clue, they all assume the drugs are safe cause the FDA approved them.

You will see the results of chemical castration in the next 10 to 20 years, food shortages and animals going extinct. The Sheriffs will never figure it out cause this problem won’t being reported by mainstream media.

How does this affect you, your family and friends long term?  No food, starvation.  But there is solutions to this problem even if your local and federal government can’t see it, nor comprehend it cause they have MU’s ie misunderstoods on the FDA’s definition of safe.

One solution is grow your own food. Long term it will not only save you money but you don’t have to worry about starving to death cause the people in local and fed gov have misunderstoods on the FDA’s definition of safe. You, your family and your friends won’t be affected by their lack of knowledge.

This is also a global problem, all over the world, they are doing the same thing.


Here are some of the countries that use chemical castration: Argentina, Australia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, India, Israel, Moldova, New Zealand, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, and Russia.


There is solutions like 

Aquaponics – this you can also farm seafood, right in your backyard.

I’m sure there is other solutions besides what’s listed on this website. I encourage you to look at all the solutions that are best for you, your family and your friends. Educating yourself is not a waste of time. Knowledge is Power.