In some cities this is illegal, you can’t grow your own food, so check local laws, ordinances and zoning and if possible move to cities where it’s not illegal to grow your own food in your backyard. Don’t break their laws, their city ordinances and their zoning, 1 complaint by anybody for any reason and that’s the end of your own food supply. There are people out there that will go around trying to destroy people’s food supply cause they are SPs, their goals are to destroy human life, to destroy human beings including murder, when filing a complaint, their intent is to destroy the person’s food supply so they die of starvation, it’s an ops, and since the cities don’t disclose, expose who made the complaint, it’s covert ops.  So to avoid this kind of corruption and abuse, move to cities where it’s legal.

For HydroponicsAeroponics and Aquaponics, you’ll need water but what if you’re in an area where you either can’t get water or it would be too expensive with the water company. This might be a solution for you and your family and friends.

There is no cookie cutter solution, one size fits all.  Educate yourself to determine which will be the best fit for you and your family, whether it be hydroponics, aquaponics, aeroponics or a combination of these.  And most of all continue educating yourself and share information with others as there is problems that will come up that you will need to solve.