About Me

My name is Kathy Gold, and I wanted to share information with other people in regards to their survival long term.

I came across this information and I thought I’d share it with others to help them with their survival long term.

This website is informational for education and hatting, hopefully the information on this website will help you and your family’s survival long term.

I’m not very religious but I am spiritual and some things written here could be biblical in nature and/or might fit into that topic, so if you are a religious hater or anti religion, this website is not for you.

I also don’t recommend nor endorse any one product, what I recommend is that you educate yourself including checking reviews, finding out if that article you read online is false or true, even going as far as contacting the manufacturer,  maybe they can send you samples to try.  Contact their customers, find out, did the product work as advertised online or marketed?